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Carla António | Metabolomics Scientist

Head of Lab

Metabolomics is an essential tool to investigate metabolism (i.e., metabolic reconfiguration and adaptation), and the integration of metabolomics with other omics technologies is used to find correlations and causal relationships that can uncover important new information on the plant response to environmental stress (abiotic/biotic).

The Plant Metabolomics Lab uses established metabolomics workflows — from sample prep to metabolite extraction and GC-TOF-MS primary metabolite profiling analysis — and offers comprehensive primary metabolite identification and statistical analysis (descriptive, uni- and multivariate, graphical visualizations) to every metabolomics project. Great attention is given to the experimental design to ensure that minimum standard operating procedures are included in every study to produce a high-quality, reliable interpretation of the data. 

Our mission is to bring together mass spectrometry (MS)-based metabolomics tools (analytical, statistical) and biological experiments in the field of plant environment and agriculture, and we are open to academic metabolomics projects in other scientific fields to embrace new organisms and tissues.

Keywords: GC-TOF-MS primary metabolite profiling, primary metabolome, stress-responsive metabolites, metabolite extraction, protocol optimization, statistical & data analysis.

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