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Carla António, PhD | Metabolomics Scientist Head of Lab

Plants are routinely exposed to abiotic/biotic-stress factors and, as sessile organisms, must develop different strategies to cope with this multitude of natural environmental conditions. Our Lab's established Metabolomics workflow follows several standard steps - from sample preparation to primary metabolite extraction and GC-TOF-MS primary metabolite profiling analysis - to investigate the molecular and  biochemical mechanisms that underlie plant responses to changing environments (plant growth and development). Our Plant Metabolomics Service Lab offers comprehensive sample processing, primary metabolite identification, and statistical analysis (descriptive, uni- and multivariate statistics, graphical visualizations) to every Metabolomics project to produce reliable biological interpretation of the data. We are open to academia and industry Metabolomics projects in other scientifc fields and are willing to optimize further our routine plant protocols to embrace new organisms and tissues.

KEYWORDS: Mass Spectrometry, Sample Prep, Metabolomics, Primary Metabolite Extraction, Protocol Optimization, Primary Metabolome, GC-TOF-MS Primary Metabolite Profiling, Stress-Responsive Metabolites, Statistical & Data Analysis.

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